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25 Feb 2014, 00:44

14mm (it's a square), you can have them a bit smaller just to have the switches fit firmly (something like 13.50mm, but it depends on the definition of the laser cutter).


25 Feb 2014, 10:38



28 May 2014, 07:55

Apologies for bumping an old thread. Does anyone have the DWG files for this plate? I thought I did a pretty thorough search but could only turn up a template. I'm happy to adjust the template to my own needs but I can't seem to figure out the measurements for the space bar stabilizers. If anyone could tell me that or point me to a specification I'd appreciate it. Thanks!

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04 Oct 2014, 02:56

i plan like this, it's effective?
my scheme wrong i've think again

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28 Nov 2014, 17:39

almost done 8-)

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20 May 2015, 23:00

Are you finished? I'm wondering if I could have all the files for the plate diagram, acrylic diagrams, etc. ;)


13 Oct 2015, 05:34

Hello i have a question on this post. Sense i don't have a Teensy And I'm using a arduino leonardo what type of delay does this type of key makes when pushing it for function?

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23 Oct 2015, 19:44

the delay is the same, I believe arduino is simply slower to boot, but you could always change bootloader I guess


08 Dec 2015, 01:42

Hello, matt3o. I've been reading a lot of your custom work and been very inspired. My question is probably a fairly dumb one, but what gauge wire do you use? Also, just personally, do you use lead-free solder or not?
Thanks, and keep up the amazing work!


22 Feb 2016, 02:09

Hello. I'd first like to thank matt3o for making this guide.
I built a Neutrino and got it working perfectly. Except for LEDs.

I'm trying to add these neopixels (from adafruit) to my Neutrino keyboard. I got the TMK_keyboard firmware to work without LEDs. I followed OrangeNinja's post on reddit ... oard_and_a and added anything to do with LEDs to my version of gh60 code. But it won't compile.

I'm thinking it may have something to do with the "Makefile". Specifically the references to "TOP_DIR" They are different from the default gh60's "TMK_DIR".

Do I need to put this modified version of gh60 in a different directory before start "make -f Makefile"

I'm kind of over my head here. I apologize in advance for my n00bness.

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24 Feb 2016, 09:20

we probably need a more detailed log of the errors you are getting during compilation


24 Feb 2016, 14:15

ROFLMonster made a few posts about supporting those LEDs in the big TMK thread: workshop-f7/how-to-build-your-very-own- ... ml#p204991

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Gotta start somewhere

24 Feb 2016, 15:04

matt3o about to reach his 7thousandth post. Just wanted to throw that out there.


19 Jun 2016, 21:48

Thanks @matt3o and others that have inspired me to build my own keyboard, Im still waiting on parts seems easy enough to do my only 2 question as of right now till i get my stuff in.

1: I'm thinking of using solid core 30 gauge wire its small so i'm not sure if that would work as i probably need 20-15 gauge so is 30 gauge usable and does it matter if it is solid or strand cable.

2: Can I use a mico/mini usb to usb c on the teensy 2.0?


25 Aug 2016, 22:41

Which laser cutter do you order from ?


03 Oct 2016, 17:22

Does anybody know which wires he used to connect the diode to eachother and the teensy to the matrix (diameter/type)?
Also, how does one go about attaching the teensy to the mini usb, can someone explain or point me to a guide/thread?

This is information that any newb looking to follow the build needs to know and isn't in the original post (it is incomplete)
I suggest adding this and the screw size (M2) to the original post, as I found that somewhere in this thread and not in the build log.

Other than that it is a great build, thank you matt3o

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