[WIP] THKB - Tiny Hacking Keyboard - 40%

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28 Mar 2016, 13:53

Plasmodium wrote: So, what's the idea with the LED?
I don't know :lol:

It really depends on the case and plate design but I think a few RGB or RGBW LEDs will be pretty flexible.
My plan is to have a little hole or slit in the mount plate to show the current layer/status.
Didn't think about HOW exactly I'll represent that using different colors.

As a side note: I designed a little PCB last night for a different project and it will give me an opportunity to play around with that kind of LED.
Trial and error is the most fun after all and I ordered 10 PCBs (who wouldn't at $17 shipped) :D

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28 Mar 2016, 16:50

Cool. Does TMK support RGB leds? Or does it just see them as 3 separate LEDs? Anyhow, can't wait to see this move towards finished status!

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03 Apr 2016, 20:11

Oh, totally forgot to answer. I don't know if TMK does, but even if it doesn't it won't be a problem to implement it.
Those RGB LEDs have a single data input pin and expect three bytes for RGB. Their timing is a bit difficult, but that also means that it only takes 3,75µs to update the color so I can just implement the protocol in a single function that won't block/interfere with anything.
I put each RGB LED on a separate pin so that both LEDs could even be updated at the same time.
(they are meant to be daisy chained, each LED grabs 3 bytes and passes any additional data on)

Right now the plan is to have a function setColor(led, r, g, b) or something like that that can be used.
I'll figure out the details once the hardware is ordered and working. It's just just software after all :D

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01 May 2016, 10:22

do you have any PCBs?

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01 May 2016, 13:52

I might be able to convinced to sell my THKB with Gateron Browns at some point...

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01 May 2016, 23:53

even if you just have a pcb file and a parts list that would be fine


02 Nov 2017, 23:01

Any progress, news or updates? <3

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