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Posted: 10 Dec 2013, 23:38
by matt3o
well, that would be extremely simple to 3d print in alumide

Posted: 10 Dec 2013, 23:40
by webwit
Mrinterface demonstrated his 3d printer at his keyboard party... just make a hat fit the stem of a 2 part buckling spring cap.

Posted: 11 Dec 2013, 01:37
by Daniel Beardsmore
Muirium wrote:Perhaps. I'd likely prefer the bare aluminium version myself, as is my general want, but black is more hat authentic.
I've always liked high-contrast two-tone, e.g. black/blonde, black/silver etc. Dell were pretty mean with marketing photos of the OptiPlex x90 series, showing a beautiful chrome grille on the front of a black metal case. Turns out it's just lame metal-pigment plastic. However, I'm more peeved that the 9010 SF lacks the front diagnostic lights.

Even my old Casio calculator, in black plastic, has a sheet metal keypad surround for the legends, and the branding is formed from the exposed areas of a black-painted sheet metal insert.

Posted: 15 Dec 2013, 01:09
by Halvar
I just noticed late that the day when the award for Doug Engelbart was announced was also the 45th anniversary of his "mother of all demos" which took place on December 9, 1968.

Watch it if you haven't already.

Silicon Valley honors the life and work of Doug Engelbart: ... 000024309/

Posted: 27 Dec 2013, 17:44
by matt3o
oh the joy



Posted: 27 Dec 2013, 18:56
by Muirium
Ah, you got one after all! Well done. Quite deserved by what you helped so many of us accomplish!

Posted: 27 Dec 2013, 19:04
by matt3o
Also the transparent caps are pretty nice. I think I have to build a full backlit keyboard at this point... :D

the nut was donated and not deserved.

Posted: 27 Dec 2013, 19:10
by Muirium
Well, you know I'm more pro-backlight than you, so this is good news. However, the (nontransparent) blanks on my Ducky have taught me that backlights are really either for a purpose (lighting legends) or for purely show. I haven't a smart idea what you could do with lights behind them. Well, not yet. They are tantalising though.

Posted: 27 Dec 2013, 19:13
by matt3o
if I ever do a custom backlit keyboard it would be a 1:1 programmable matrix. You could use it as a display if you want :D

Posted: 27 Dec 2013, 22:55
by Muirium
The Shine 3 is a 1:1 LED matrix, too. You can do some very showy stuff with it. I can think of even more silly things (like a live marquee of the characters you are typing) but useful ideas are harder…