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Help us with English (American) forum software translations

Posted: 08 Feb 2015, 18:00
by webwit
We use a modified version of the phpBB forum software. phpBB offers various translation packs, and we have various of these installed. However, our custom mods and additions are not covered by these packs, so this is where we need your help.

English (American) is almost the same as the default language, English (British), so no translations are needed.
You can use this topic though for for additions, corrections and improvements.

Posted: 08 Feb 2015, 18:59
by Mal-2

Two countries separated by a common language.

There are some dialects that might need translation, but generally this just sort of happens on the fly. It's not like we're speaking Belizean Kreol here.

Posted: 08 Feb 2015, 19:04
by webwit
It's the same set of language files except for the usual differences such as -our vs -or and -ise vs -ize.

Posted: 08 Feb 2015, 19:17
by Mal-2
webwit wrote: It's the same set of language files except for the usual differences such as -our vs -or and -ise vs -ize.
And defense/defence, zee/zed. Yeah I get it, though I was rather hoping you were making something that translates Cockney rhyming slang to intelligible (for us 'Merkins) English, and do word swaps as appropriate: bonnet/hood, boot/trunk, arse/ass... the list is a long one.

I guess I'm asking what you actually intend to do with this "translation", and how we can be of assistance.

Posted: 08 Feb 2015, 19:26
by webwit
You don't have to do anything, it's already an option which you can select in your settings.

Posted: 08 Feb 2015, 20:48
by bhtooefr
Mal-2 wrote: bonnet/hood
The problem with that one is, hood also has a meaning in English (British)! For instance, I just got a car that has a hood in both dialects. ;)

Posted: 08 Feb 2015, 21:20
by Muirium
Such translations would be more important if we were (horror) translating people's posts, rather than just the small bits of forum UI in question.

Some expansions I'd really like would fix Americanisms like TP that had me wondering just today! Idioms are where our branches of English really differ.