The *Ping* Award 2015

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The Demongolator
Contra Bonos Mores

14 Dec 2015, 21:54

And now for the best category...

What was the worst keyboard or keyboard/input device related experience in 2015?
The nominees for The *Ping* Award 2015 are:

Apple Butterfly Mechanism • This time Apple looked just at aesthetics completely.

Cherry for multiple reasons • For closing the UK office, for not letting you disable the windows key LEDs on the 6.0, and for using shitty PCB style stabilisers on the plate of the 6.0.

GMK for their trays • GMK made some cool keycap trays so your keycap sets can be shipped neatly and orderly to the customers. Except no one seemed to have tested if they in fact do.

Massdrop for multiple reasons • You must be logged in on Massdrop to view this nomination.
Something really cool called Ping.

And the Smiley for The *Ping* Award 2015, as voted for by the members of deskthority, goes to...

You must be logged in on Massdrop to view this nomination.

In order to collect and sell your data, please log in to view more about Massdrop's scruffy KC60 and Infinity Ergodox drops, the bad packaging of GKM trays, and the failure to even acknowledge the assistance or even existence of Deskthority in Massdrop's latest marketing for Matteo's Topre set (whose design thread took place right here on DT).

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14 Dec 2015, 21:56

I protest!

I could not participate and everybody knows I would have deserved this prize!

In order to be able to win next time, it is one more year rolling deadline suffrage for everybody.

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14 Dec 2015, 21:57

Haha, 7bit. :P

I'm not surprised to see MassDrop though. I like MD, but I'm not surprised, and I wouldn't be surprised if they ended up doing something to make me like them less. I'm sorry for all you Triumph Adler fans who had swirls and scratches.


14 Dec 2015, 22:17

Allow me to congratulate Massdrop for this well-deserved win! :evilgeek:

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15 Dec 2015, 09:34

The only surprise here is that they only got 57% of the vote.


15 Dec 2015, 09:45

Yeah, they should've been in the 80's really, like the +80$ for Europe on some of their drops.

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15 Dec 2015, 10:30

pretty glad to see the second placed


15 Dec 2015, 21:47

I got swirls and scratches on my GMK TA but Massdrop set it right in the end, so I still like them. Luckily I was able to fly to the States to save a little on shipping.

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