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31 Jul 2021, 19:18


I haven't posted on mechmarket (because no comment karma), so I was looking to see if you guys want some nice modern boards or some older boards I have, I've been more on the vintage run lately so if you got something cool, i would be down to trade. I would be down to sell too, i put rough prices for what i would take cash for/value.

Rama m60a SEQ2 Olivia Tank with internal weight (built with durock v2s like new with factory finish blemish on bottom right corner) (hotswap + solderable pcb) - $1600
GMK Jessica (used like new) - $200
Rama m65b polycarbonate with internal dampener (like new) - $700
topre pro 2 type s with bke heavy domes + regular topre domes (used one year, bke domes like new) - $250 keycaps of your choice (printed white grey vs nonprinted white grey) - lubed and stuffed
dragonfruit switches - $40 (75 of them?) bent pins for like 10?
durock t1 switches - $40 (60 of them?) pulled once.
holy polar pandas - x68 - 60$

older stuff
everex black space invaders with no keycaps (few missing springs, 1 messed up spring --> moved over to the right side) - Ill prob throw this in with a trade since its missing too much stuff to sell
apple m0110a (missing whole switch and key on the clear button), didn't clean board so you gotta clean it yourself for the keys to register better. - $50
model f xt no cable (very nice condition aside from two imperfections) - $150
model f xt with cable (very clean, no imperfections, close to NOS) - $230
happy hacking keyboard lite 1 (pretty beat up, for history i guess) - trade throw in
memorex terminal f122 clone - brown clicky space invaders with black clicky on the numpad. messed up letter g switch, still registers but not as well and is not that clicky anymore (I messed up the leaf basically), may need to replace entire switch. switches are a bit sticky will need work/cleaning. $100

i got more stuff but need to unbox after move to see. will update. shipping included if you wanna buy.
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