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11 Dec 2016, 16:01

Chyros wrote: Let's say "some" people don't consider video to be a good medium for information on the wiki ;) .
The argument was that videos as a format are not easily editable in retrospect, so if there are updates to a switch or keyboard your video would then be slightly outdated. To me this would not be a problem since it could easily be complimented with a note regarding the new finding(s).
Chyros wrote: Oh I agree, and if at some point I get more time on my hands (though that's starting to look unlikely xD) I'll learn myself wiki programming and add more info to the articles.

If there was actual "programming" involved in wiki entries myself and quite a few others would techhnically not be able to manage those entries, but you don't need to worry about that. I'll add the data bit by bit.

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14 Dec 2016, 21:04

This is a bit of a late reply but I'd just like to say that these awards have been a lot of fun! Thank you for organising this and thank you to the sponsors for participating!

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