maintenance for cherry switches ?

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11 Aug 2018, 02:21

my keyboard with stock cherry mx browns, a few switches got scratchy or a bit stuck.

- the keyboard was 11-12 month my daily driver (2-4 hours of daily usage, <-- pretty much nothing I would say)
- oddly, not the switches with heaviest usage are affected

Do I need to lube them ?

From a historical standpoint I was under the assumption I can use these switches 5-15 years or even longer w/o lubing just keep them clean.

Was I wrong ? or I got a keyboard with a batch if bad mx browns ? or is this a general mx brown problem ?

For now I'm back on mx blacks, which already have 4 years with about the triple daily usage on them and still no problems, apart from me bottoming out, which was the reason trying the browns and later a few weeks clears. the latter ones were to stiff for me.

(please no what is the best switch war)

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12 Aug 2018, 00:38

remove the keycap, hold the switch down, drop a couple of drops of isopropyl alcohol in it, then press it like 200 times.

If your switches stick because of dust/gunk/whatever, this will clean em a bit.

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12 Aug 2018, 03:26

thanks, that helped.
I hope, it lasts for a few months.

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