Maxi Switch magnetic reed keyboards with original SA keycaps! (MS MR)

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10 Nov 2018, 10:37

Lots of history in this one, hope you enjoy the video! :)

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10 Nov 2018, 17:09

Pretty cool. Always wanted to try one of these chunky linear old-school boards.

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10 Nov 2018, 17:41

Very cool. As usual, the lovely sound of the main keys is offset by the ugly sound of the spacebar, which sounds like a stapler in action every time it is hit. Seems to be a common issue with vintage keyboards of that era.

BTW, the "weird sub-legends" on the alphas are the ASCII control code symbols for Ctrl-A through Ctrl-Z. 7bit is replicating this concept in Round 7.

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11 Nov 2018, 03:04

Someone make a case for the small one!
Then you could just do a hand wire, as they are contact based switches.

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11 Nov 2018, 07:11

I've wanted to see someone try to type on one of those alphabetic Foxcon layouts since a few were up for sale earlier this year. It's just as insane as I imagined. Thanks for that at the end of the vid.

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Vintage computer guy

11 Nov 2018, 19:18

Nice review. I added some pictures of one if my latest computers that use the Maxi Switch magnetic reed switches here for reference to show something that uses them as well.

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