[WTB] Classic IBM Model M (or Space Saver) - ISO-DE


17 Apr 2019, 17:49

Hello there,
I´m currently looking for a Model M (or Space Saver, if there actually are any) in good condition (IBM produced) with a german ISO-DE Layout. I´m not specifically searching a modified keyboard, but I wouldn´t mind a bolt-modded one / USB conversion.

It doesnt have to be like new but the board should work without issues and still have all keycaps. If you have something to offer feel free to write something here or send me a PM, preferably with a few pictures including the model sticker on the underside. If the board is not converted internally and you got a PS2 to USB converter lying around I´d take it as well. Havent really got into the classic keyboards much so I dont have one yet.

I wont set a specific price for the request, it´s all up to the condition of the board itself.

Offers from EU only please

Best Regards,


19 Apr 2019, 18:32

Request is completed, I found a board to buy. Thread can be closed.

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