[IC] Golden Delicious PCB (Apple M0116 Replacement PCB)


17 May 2019, 01:40

Last month I teased a PCB that I have been working on, a replacement PCB for the Apple M0116 and M0118. It got a good amount of interest in that post and a lot of interest when I brought the prototype to the Austin meetup in April. Since all but one of the prototypes have gone out to the chosen testers and I'm getting close to the final product (unless I decide to just get completely crazy and switch to ARM at the last minute or something, or the M0118 tester tells me that the switch footprints don't line up properly), I wanted to post an IC for this.

The original idea behind the Golden Delicious was to offer a better, fully programmable alternative than the Griffin or Hasu converters, so that the M0116 and M0118 could be used with modern computers, without the need to modify or cut holes in the case. Ever since I got my first M0116 I've always felt that the M0116 was the best board and layout that Apple ever made. I just hated installing and programming Hasu converters in all my M0116's (the converters weren't in QMK when I started working on this project, but have since been added).

There are no crazy special features, this is just a simple replacement PCB. It uses an ATMega32U4, runs QMK, is nkro capable, and has new USB-B (yes, full size USB-B, not mini or micro) daughter boards.
PCB color will be yellow (hence the name Golden Delicious), will use all SMD components, and will come fully assembled (no soldering diodes, 'cause no one likes doing that, especially not SMD diodes).

Since it's still in prototype phase for now and there could possibly be one last prototype revision before going to a full production run, there is no current or potential pricing (still working on that, and finding a quality fab house to use for the PCBs and assembly). But the project is finally at a point where I feel comfortable with putting up an IC and looking in to pricing and running a group buy for it.

So HERE is the IC form. Please, leave comments or suggestions and fill out the IC form, thanks!


17 May 2019, 04:09

yes yes yes yes!!!!!!!!

I am so excited for this. I would REALLY love for there to be one for something like the M0115 or M0312 however.

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17 May 2019, 04:13

Ooh, I am quite excited for this. I would love to have a new PCB so I can enjoy my really good condition Salmon Alps with NKRO like they deserve!


17 May 2019, 08:47

Nice ... I love my M0118 with Teensy converter and Hasu Firmware but am interested in your PCB .
And USB-B is the right decision, mini or micro connectors are not as reliable.

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17 May 2019, 13:28

I think this is a great idea and I'm interested if the price is right.

I know USB-B will be solid but I worry about a chunky plug sticking out the side. Hopefully it can be oriented to accommodate a right-angle usb cable.

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