Monitor speakers with multiple keyboards


14 Jun 2019, 06:29

As I've said in another thread, I'm traveling back and forth between my house and my new appartment for the time being, until I will be moving permanently in Summer 2020.
At home, I've got two keyboards connected to a Laney AH150 amp.

My third keyboard, a Korg Kross 2 88, I will be moving to the appartment. I will need speakers. I was thinking of getting something not too expensive, like a pair of Behringer Studio 50USB speakers. However, they've only got jack inputs for one keyboard. What if, further down the road, I wanted to get a second keyboard or midi controller (sth like the Numa Compact 2X) to add to the Korg, how would I hook that up ?
Using some sort of 'in between' device, or use MIDI, or what ?

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14 Jun 2019, 07:53

A simple analog mixer should do it. They can be had for dirt cheap.

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