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07 Sep 2019, 05:33

Warning: Rant / pity-party ahead

So my intention isn't to whine like a little baby or anything. More so, I'd just like to put this out there so people I frequently talk to don't wonder where I've gone. Also, I'm really interested in what other peoples' perspectives are on the things I'm going to talk about in this post.

Looking back, I really enjoyed this hobby much more as a novice. And in so many ways I still am a total novice. To be honest, most of the people I correspond with know oodles more about keyboards than I do. That is something I really enjoy about the keyboard world; there's always something new being uncovered; always something interesting to learn about. Which brings me to my first point...

I am not a businessman
Yes, I buy lots of stuff. I used to buy more than I have been lately, but that's not really a factor. There are plenty of people who get enjoyment out of the "buy low, sell high" facet of the hobby, and I don't have anything against those people at all. It just doesn't interest me personally. But the buying and selling of keyboards as a commodity to be traded is the overall direction I see things going.

Whenever I've dipped my toe in the sales water, I feel like I've had to deal with "choosing beggars" trying to talk you down to the absolute lowest price possible, regardless of worth and work that's gone into an item. I understand completely that that is the world of trading, and again, have no problem with it. It just doesn't give me any pleasure and most times stresses me out.

Mostly I've sold modified items like keyboards that I've converted. Always when I've done that, I get a torrent of messages asking for help with whatever issue or question they're having. I enjoy helping people on a personal basis, but it sucks playing tech support to someone who didn't want to pay your asking price in the first place (and I've always priced things super reasonably, even at a loss -- see sub-heading, "I am not a businessman").

Rude / mean members
To use the word "toxic" would be silly. I've made a lot of friends on here and there are so many good people. But there's always the negative people who get a thrill out of bringing someone down.

I share online almost all of the keyboard stuff that I do. In fact, I should probably be more selective about what I share because sometimes it's not particularly interesting. But for me, I have a lot of fun sharing those things, asking questions, getting feedback, etc.

I hate seeing some similarly-minded person doing the same thing (sharing what they've made) and getting made fun of or even yelled at for their creation. As a personal anecdote, I shared some photos of an AEK II that I dyed the keycaps to resemble the Apple logo. I had fun doing it and I thought it was a pretty clever idea.

The user has since deleted all the negative comments but I remember the basic bullet points (he sounded like a lunatic tbh):
https://www.reddit.com/r/MechanicalKeyb ... aps_on_my/
  • User: You don't dye vintage
  • Me: Sorry, I literally got this from the recycling center. It was going to be trashed
  • User: Doesn't matter. If you go on sites like DT and GH, where they take keyboards seriously, they'll tell you the exact same thing.
  • ** some other users chime in saying it's fine / not really his concern **
  • User: Still doesn't matter. He has no business doing this shitty dye job to a vintage piece. + some other stuff I can't remember
And it went on like that for a while. You can see how many deleted comments are in the post. From my perspective, I spend my day working in order to earn some money. When I have free time, I use that free time and money to go get a keyboard I want. The last thing I need is some little do-nothing twerp yelling at me about his philosophical differences.

Yeah, it's pretty minor and not the end of the world. But I just react to that stuff so negatively. My reaction is to try to flip it around and bring the other guy down. That's a pretty shitty way to be and not how I want to spend my energy.

I kind of suck at it
This touches back on point number 1 but deserves it's own call out.

Most people who have traded messages with me know that I'm awful at getting back to them. And it's really gotten worse over time. It's not that I want to blow anyone off or leave them hanging for a long time, it just gives me extreme anxiety for some reason. And that's kind of a sucky way to feel over something so trivial.

I also don't really know where I fit in the community. I've never been passionate about layouts (sorry Miguel bb) or keycaps; mainly I like to learn new things about how they work. There is a portion of the community that share this interest, but they are (for the most part) much more educated on the topic. I'm guessing most have EE degrees and I'm just not on the same plane. That sort of leaves me in a weird spot where I know a little about a lot of things, but don't really know a lot about anything (if that makes sense).

So I don't really have many people to talk to unless I (a) start upping my electronics knowledge bigly or (b) force myself into topics that I'm not passionate about. The former is easier said than done and the latter is unappealing.

  • Taking a break to reset
  • Read the three headings
  • If we're in the middle of a deal, don't worry; I'll make sure we finish up smoothly
Anyways, thanks for making it through my rant.

See ya later, dudes.

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07 Sep 2019, 06:04

I can sympathize with literally (literally "literally", not figuratively "literally" :P) everything you said. Although in my case it's more with PC building and other communities online rather than keyboard (still relatively new for me). I routinely take breaks and think a larger "digital detox" is healthy, especially the closer you get to social media proper where toxicity level is higher, and the group-think is more dominant (turns everyone into jerks in some communities).

Fare thee well, snackalicious kitty, I truly hardly knew ye. Enjoyed your posts, memes, and animated gifs, though. Hope you enjoy life. :) 8-)


Is he gone? Good. Everyone:


:lol: :cry:

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07 Sep 2019, 07:37

I'm sorry that this hobby consumed you this way. Sometimes it is just necessary to take a well-deserved break.

I gotta say sorry man because I know my fortune is a big headache of you for a while now.
Additionally, please dont feel bad about yourself. If you think that you are doing worse than many people, just look down and you'll realize that you are doing much better than most people(including me).

As for the mean people, it's best to just ignore them. I know it is hard and I cant even do that most of the time...

I hope you're feeling better.


07 Sep 2019, 10:59

I am sorry to see that you are taking a break hopefully it is only temporerally rather then permanent. In many ways i share the same feelings with you, not so much on the selling side (though that might change if my keyboard buying does not stay under control). However i also try and convert every vintage keyboard i get indeed in a couple of weeks i will be handwireing a hall effect board so that it can be used again. I do not have an electronics degree, my second keyboard i "built" was a handwired alps board with side lighting in a custom layout. Like yourself i share an interest in how the keyboards work and will even desolder the entire board to make it easier to map out the traces. I believe that some of the best switches, keycaps and design was in thesed early boards from the mid 70s to early 80s and whilst most of that focus is of course on the beamsprings there are others also. I even livestream when i am working on the keyboards though it is not usually as much mainstream as building custom boards like most streamers so i rarely get views but it does not stop me from then uploading the videos on youtube so that if someone wants to do something similar then there will be my attempt to be learned from. Hope to see you return soon.

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07 Sep 2019, 12:31

I still really appreciate that Victor 9000 adapter. :) Without you, I'd still be sitting here, staring at my Victor 9000 keyboard, thinking "Gee, I wish I could use that."
snacksthecat wrote:
07 Sep 2019, 05:33
Most people who have traded messages with me know that I'm awful at getting back to them.
I noticed that. ;) I just assumed you thought I was insane, busily constructing a Terminator (out of old keyboard parts) to go to your house and eliminate you to stop Skynet from having converted vintage keyboards in the future. (...and I'm not saying I'm not...)

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07 Sep 2019, 17:29

snacksthecat wrote:
07 Sep 2019, 05:33

I feel like I've had to deal with "choosing beggars" trying to talk you down to the absolute lowest price possible, regardless of worth and work that's gone into an item. I understand completely that that is the world of trading .... It just doesn't give me any pleasure and most times stresses me out.
This is something that I have a big problem with, so I don't even try to sell gear on DT or GH any more.

I am not flush with money, and when I sell something it is because I need to get its full value out of it.

My process is to list it on ebay, fixed price, at what I consider to be a high but reasonable price, and then drop my price, if necessary, about 10% per week until it sells.

If somebody finds it or knows me or for some other reason wants to do an off-ebay sale, I am happy to discount at least 10% for no ebay fees.

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07 Sep 2019, 17:48

welcome to the internet

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07 Sep 2019, 18:04

You are definitely not a novice and it's healthy to take a step back. Think of this hobby like a rich chocolate cake. If you eat too much you will get sick but eat a little at a time and it goes a long way. There many facets to this hobby which has kept it interesting to me. I hate the process of selling myself so to cope with that I just haven't really been selling much. I really do like selling in person through local meetups and interacting in person. One time through a meetup Discord chat I posted a few keyboards for sale and sold a few with no drama or stress.

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07 Sep 2019, 20:45

I guess it's like anywhere you go - online or in real life. It takes you by surprise when someone is rude to you and you can't understand why. Sorry to hear about the lowballers. I suppose "shy bairns get nowt" and you have to risk being offensive sometimes, but I can understand why it would really piss you off when you get lowballers, considering your prices.

I don't know you that well, but I know you're selling yourself short. Your threads are pretty fascinating (even if they go over my head). I'd be happy if I was at your level without a degree. I'm quite new to the hobby (18 months) and even newer to this forum, but it seems to me that the absolute keyboard "elder gods" have been here for a loooooooooooooooooong time. Why compare yourself to them, when you've been here for 2 years?

I hope you have a nice break, anyway - everyone needs one. Hope to see you again in the future, because you're dead friendly and helpful. Just remember, you don't owe anyone!

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07 Sep 2019, 23:06

Snacks, I rarely reply to non-technical posts, but to me you are one of the "good guys" who make this site worthwhile and because of that I need to share a few words. Sharing your projects as you do is a gift to everyone here, and it's natural to feel wronged when someone doesn't appreciate that. Taking a few steps back to evaluate what's really important to you is a good way to deal with that. My suggestion is to read and post here when and only when it feels right to you, whether that's every day or once in a blue moon. Spend some time on other interests that make you happy, and value your real friends, whoever and wherever they may be. Let the rest go, it doesn't matter in the big picture, and there's no reason to let it bring you down. Just my two cents.

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08 Sep 2019, 04:23

fohat wrote:
07 Sep 2019, 17:29
If somebody finds it or knows me or for some other reason wants to do an off-ebay sale, I am happy to discount at least 10% for no ebay fees.
2015 me is very happy to hear this. What have you got these days? :D Seriously, it's nice to see you here, as well as some other familiar names.

snacks, tell your Reddit troll to piss off. Take a break, relax, we hope to see you back some time. You've got to figure out what level of participation and stress you're comfortable with. I for one think DT is better for your contributions.

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08 Sep 2019, 04:42

Snacks, thanks for all the dedication you put (and hopefully you will keep putting) on ​​this community, not only your contributions are great, but your way of doing things and your good character always helped to make this forum a friendlier place, because in the end all this for almost all of us is nothing more than a hobby, a hobby that should be fun and not stressful. Hopefully we will talk again soon. Have luck in whatever you make.

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08 Sep 2019, 13:07

Sometimes you just gotta. I've been on teh intarwebz since before the web... er, well you know what I mean, and right since the early days I've had periodic moments of "argh"; and have occasionally been the cause, remembering somewhat awkwardly that I nearly got chucked out of college over 30 years ago for being online while being an arse.

Even now I'm still trying to learn the skill of not getting drawn into pointless arguing and angst. I'm better than I was but now and then I think it can happen to all of us. Sometimes it's better to spend a while focussing on people IRL because so much communication is lost online, however nice your keyboard is.

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08 Sep 2019, 19:11

Snacks, it's sad to see you go, but I understand.

It is always nice to see your threads around even if I don't always respond to them, you improve the quality of the forum.

Look forward to when you come back.

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11 Sep 2019, 16:20

I haven't posted hardly at all the last few months because life got in the way. Sometimes you need a break or just to lurk for a bit. Nothing wrong with that. Plus, when you reach a happy endgame board and have tried most of the legends, you're just not in a massive hurry anymore. You KNOW what's good, and it's about finding something that piques your curiosity every once in awhile or converting strange new things. DMA getting close to solving the the magnetic valve conversion question once and for all makes me as excited as when I first got in this hobby. I've really enjoyed your Microswitch threads as well.


13 Sep 2019, 18:31

Hey Snacks I will be very sad to see you go. Out of many of the threads I have seen in my short time here I would definitely say yours are the most in depth. The thing I like above all is you show all the winning moments and the fails in all your keyboard threads.

For this I respect you a lot. Just don't pay
any attention to the haters just focus on the possitive people. I really enjoy all the keyboard videos on your YouTube channel I hope to see you posting again soon and I am proud to be one of the subscribers on your YouTube channel :D

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