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09 Oct 2019, 14:24

Hi there fellas, I know this is a keyboard forum, but I'm afraid I need a Mac for development and testing of USB devices. I would be interested in a used Mac Mini or a MacBook (or whatever Apple calls its devices). Doesn't matter if the case has kinks or chipped edges, I just need something that can run a recent version of Mac OS 10.xx. Preferably the device should not be older than 2012. I really don't need or want a Mac for personal use, just for compatibility testing every once in a while. If I cannot find a used device for less than 300€ I will just rent one instead, I guess, or simply forget about it.

I'm open to suggestions, perhaps it is not necessary to use actual Apple hardware for testing purposes in 2019? Can I get away with running Mac OS on a VM?

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09 Oct 2019, 14:41

I've recently purchased two used broken macbook pro 15 inch (2010 core i5, and 2012 core i7)
Both will be fully repaired and working again hopefully the same day they are delivered to me.
(I do this for a living)

I'd sell the 2010 for £250 ish, it would have an SSD and 8gb ram after my upgrades. A Good condition battery and a replacement power supply.

This machine can run the latest version of Mac OS using dosdude1s patcher tool and would run pretty damn well.

Let me know if you're interested.

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09 Oct 2019, 18:49

macOS can run in a VM under certain conditions. That's outside the scope of this forum, there are plenty of good resources elsewhere on this topic. :)

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09 Oct 2019, 19:23

I second that. I’m so gay for Mac I’d make a drag queen blush. But the hardware is unnecessary for testing at this point. Better to go with a solid VM than a janked up, obsolescent laptop.


30 Oct 2019, 21:33

here's a little update: I've installed macOS 10.14 Mojave on a VM running on a Windows PC and the USB issue that I was going to investigate did not occur in that environment. Apparently, it does indeed make a difference whether macOS is running on Apple hardware or in a VM. Hence I would still be interested in actual Apple hardware, if the price is right. I'm not in a hurry though.

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