Datalux Space Saver keyboard review (MEI T-15)

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12 Oct 2019, 17:10

Today we look at an extremely heinous invention from Datalux, formerly MEI. It's absolutely awful and I hate every bit of it. Which probably means you'll all love it :p . Hope you enjoy the video! :)

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13 Oct 2019, 07:59

Every single time I see MEI I automatically read it as meh. Guess there's something wrong with me...or with the keyboard :mrgreen:

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14 Oct 2019, 23:34

Still better than Cherry MY or Key Tronic foam and foil buckling rubber sleeve. Chyros has another excellent rant about those.

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15 Oct 2019, 00:19

I think why Keytronic F&F is so scratchy is because the housings deform over time. They made way too snug a fit between the housings and the cutouts.

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