[WTS][EU-AT] NOS Kawasaki with Fujitsu Leaf Spring


15 Feb 2020, 10:41

For sale is a NOS Kawasaki keyboard that uses linear Fujitsu Leaf Spring switches of the third generation. It is basically brainless and uses a "WS28 24 pin connector" which connects to the rows and columns of the switch matrix, therefore making an adapter for it should be fairly easy.

The keycaps are thick PBT dyesubs with japanese sublegends just like the ones on the tandy 3000 keyboard that chyrosran reviewed.

Despite being NOS some keys bind a little on off-center keypresses, but I successfully fixed that on another fujitsu leaf spring board by lubing the sliders, so that shouldn't be a problem. These are very smooth however, as you probably are aware of.

I honestly have no idea what this is worth, just pm me with your offer.
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For more information, haata disassembled the same keyboard model and has pictures of it here:

https://www.flickr.com/photos/triplehaa ... 869950155/


17 Feb 2020, 09:54


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