[W̶T̶B̶] 7bit Round 6 Keys

Hello guys! I joined DT recently and looking to complete my set. Following Row 3 keys are missing from my set and aren't available in the leftovers either.

1. HONEYB/R3U225 = Blue or Red
2. HONEYB/R3U200 = Blue or Red
3. HONEYG/MODEXTRA125 = RETURN keys (Colour Red / Grey)
4. HONEYG/MODEXTRA125 = SUPER/META/HYPER keys (Must match with the Return key - Red / Grey)

A lot of photos of MOD kits aren't available on the Round 6 wiki. It would be a great help if you help me find 3 and 4 from my list in any of those modifier kits from the Round 6 leftovers.
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