[W̶T̶B̶] G80-3000 case/shell, HADapter/HADdtionals, BSP Peacock/dyesubs


I'm looking to buy the following:

1. A G80/G81-3000 style case (G80-1000 works too) that I could outfit with this custom PCB designed by TalkingTree for a cool project with a vintage look.

2. Keycaps from HADapter for ANSI use, namely the 2.25u Enter, 2.25u Left Shift, and the 1.5u # ' key. I can also consider buying a full kit of GMK HADapter/HADditionals.

3. I am also looking for BSP dye-subs (Peacock, especially, but others are welcome) or Cherry dye-subs (SAT, SAV, SAY, ISO-DE, ANSI [SDU], etc).

Located in the US, so of course, geographical proximity would be optimal to reduce shipping costs.

Thanks for looking!
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I have some G81-3000 cases laying around. Do you need anything special, e.g. winkeyless or a special logo?
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