[W̶T̶B̶] OG cherry/beige GMK WKL bottom row

I'm looking for:

1.5u control x2
1.5u alt x2 (if one is Alt Gr that's also great, but not after DE legends)
7u spacebar

Row 4 prefered, but row 5 would be OK too. Maybe someone has a beige GMK set and they're not using that particular bottom row, or maybe someone is using HADapter and has that bottom row going spare from a set. Would also consider without spacebar.

What I can offer:

Money: I think something around £30 posted is very reasonable for this.
HADapter bottom row: Can provide timestamped pics if needed. This would only be the bottom row of 1.25u mods and 6.25u spacebar (centre stemmed).

I'm in the UK, so ideally want to buy within the EU, for reasonable shipping times. Only really looking for NiB quality, or very close to!

Can anyone help me out?
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Unread post21 Apr 2017, 13:01

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