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This FAQ is edited by the community, not 7bit. Errors are possible. If you can't find an answer here, or believe an answer to be wrong, please post in the Round 7 thread.

Round 7

Questions asked in the Round 7 thread so far

Has it shipped yet?


When will it ship?

7bit has said: "Production will be separate for each color and will start with the most successful color, once there are enough orders." As for time scales, it's possible some sets could ship in 2017. More than likely this GB will complete at some point in 2018.

What about XXX key?

Please see below section for requests people have made in the thread so far. If you need a specific key and it isn't listed, you can post in the thread for 7Bit to review. However, he is reluctant to add many more as it adds time and complexity to the GB.

Will these match with keys from previous rounds?

Legends in Round 7 are slightly larger than previous rounds so although the profile is the same, the legends won't match.
Colours remain the same for BLUE, VIOLETT and CREAM. GREY is different.
Colours are: GDC, RA, VCS, BFP, RDE and WCK.
- GDC is new to the show
- RA has been used in Round 4 for red ESCAPE key etc.
- VCS is the same as in the inital run of VIM keys.
- BFP and
- RDE are the same as in Round 4 and 6
- WCK is similar to WV in Round 4. The current WV is totally different, so I had to change. WCK has been used for Cream Cheese and Green, BTW.

Are there any 3D renders of the set?

zslane has provided this render - it isn't colour accurate but gives an idea of the general look of the set.

Are there any 2D renders of the set?

Yes, just look here: [http://www.7bit.info/algol/index.html]

Are there any 1D renders of the set?

Not currently, but 7bit will soon make one ...

Questions about Key availability

UK kits?

These have been added in limited colours.

3U Space bar?

As of 7/10 this has been requested but not added. Keep an eye on the thread for now, but seems likely at least in some colours.

§½ key?

As of 7/10 this has been requested but not added. 7bit's reply seem to suggest it is unlikely - keep an eye on the thread.

Can I cover an Ergodox?

Not really. See comment from user doom2 on this page.

Round 5/6

Questions asked in the Round 5/6 thread (Not everything as the thread is now too long to go back through)