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ABT The KeyPad
ABT keypad -- top.jpg
Manufacturer ABT
Keyswitches Datanetics DC-50 series
Interface Uncertain
Dimensions 3.4 x 6.3 x 1.5 inches (W-L-H)
Weight Less than 14 oz.
Introduced 1980?

The KeyPad™ from ABT is a numeric keypad for the Apple II/II+ (Europlus) computers. It uses Datanetics DC-50 series switches.


The KeyPad does not connect into the back of the computer. Instead, the owner is required to solder a D-subminiature DE-9 socket onto a PCB inside the computer, into which the keypad can then be connected. This arrangement is depicted below. The keyboard cable can then be run through one of the expansion card slots.


The keypad depicted below exactly matches the Model B shown at the Apple II Documentation Project. The difference between the Model A and Model B is not known.


Memorable quotes

"... [The KeyPad] is easily attached to any APPLE II computer which it matches in color and form." (advertising)

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