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acs AN90
Model no. AN90.12
Manufacturer acs
Layouts German ANSI/ISO blend
Keyswitches Siemens STB 11
Switch mount PCB mount
Keycaps Siemens STB, double-shot
Interface matrix
Rollover NKRO
Years of production mid-1980s

The acs AN90 is an alphanumeric keyboard with 90 keys, made by acs Computersteuerungen und Datentechnik GmbH, which was a small electronics company in Detmold, Germany.


At the time of its introduction, this was considered a "superflat" keyboard with a home-row height of just 29 mm above the desktop. The Siemens STB 11 keys provided a professional, high-quality impression; the futuristic appeal of the keycaps was balanced by their stuffy dark taupe colour. The white-on-taupe double-shot combination was from the Siemens catalogue, whereas the white-on-red keycaps were custom made.


Besides the plain matrix interface, variants with a microcontroller existed that had serial or parallel interfaces and programmable keys. While all variants had the same physical layout, different keycode assignments and labels were available. The enhanced version, AN95, had 5 additional keys above the numeric keypad.


The keyboard shown here used to be interfaced to an Apple II computer or clone via a separate controller.