Access IS

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Access IS
Industry Manufacturing
Founded 1985
Headquarters Reading, Berkshire, United Kingdom
Products Computer keyboards
Barcode readers
Passport readers

Access IS, formerly Access Keyboards, is a British keyboard manufacturer based in Reading, UK with a subsidiary in Peachtree City, Georgia, USA. Access IS manufactures bespoke keyboards and readers for barcodes, credit cards, cheques and passports. Known customers of Access IS point-of-sale keyboards in the UK include Blacks, John Lewis, Clarks, and various airports.

The minimum order quantity for keyboards is ten.


Access IS keyboards use plate-mounted Cherry MX Black switches with keycaps from Signature Plastics. Many keyboards use double-shot keys, but lasered keys are available to reduce cost; some keyboards may have a combination of double-shot and lasered keycaps.

Additional options include detachable cables and PS/2 connectors. Keys may be positioned in either a staggered or a matrix grid.


The current line of keyboards is firmware-programmable using their downloadable SoftProg utility. Each keypress can trigger a string of up to 256 characters in length. Keys can be disabled via firmware, and disabled keys are commonly covered with a blanking tile. This offers a way to disable the Windows key.

SoftProg allows for an extra layer which can be triggered by holding down a specific key or be toggled via another key. Multiple trigger keys of the same type are permitted, but not one of each type of trigger.