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Accodata Keycat Mouse Keyboard
Part number 65840
Branding Accodata, Amtac
Manufacturer Powersource Computer Systems
Keyswitches Alps SKCM Blue, Four-tab clone, Dome with slider
Interface DIN, Serial
Weight Unknown
Years of production ~1988
Price $99 (1989)[1]

The Accodata Keycat Mouse Keyboard is a keyboard with integrated trackball. It features double-shot keycaps and versions have been observed with Alps SKCM Blue, four-tab clone and dome with slider keyswitches.[2][3][4][5][6]

Amtac (Long Island City, NY) sold this keyboard under their own brand, as the Amtac Keycat.[1]

The keycaps are UKF DS03.


US ISO version

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