Acer 6010 series

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Acer 6010 series
Acer 6012 -- top.jpg
Model no. 6011*, 6012*
FCC ID GQ87EE6011 (1988)
Manufacturer Acer
Layouts ANSI, ISO
Keyswitches Alps SKCM Blue, Alps SKCM White

The Acer 6010 series is a family of keyboards manufactured by Acer, which use blue and white Alps SKCM switches. No actual model 6010 is believed to exist.



As with the 6310 series (Acer switch) and 6510 series (rubber dome), the 6010 series was shipped with at least two varieties of case designs.



6012 ISO

Acer 6011 w/ SKCM White Alps (Pine)

German version. The keyboard is dated to 1990.


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