Acer 6083

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Acer 6083
Model no. 6083
Manufacturer Acer
Layouts ISO
Keyswitches Alps common mount low profile
Interface PS/2
Years of production 1990

The Acer 6083 is a 83-key compact keyboard with Alps common mount low profile switches.


This keyboard uses Alps common mount low profile switches, but with a black instead of a white slider. These switches are tactile and PCB mounted. It is believed that this keyboard belongs to the Acer 6010 series, as the 83 in the name indicates the number of keys this keyboard features. Similarily the Acer 6011 has 101 keys and the 6012 has 102 keys. The keycaps appear to be dye sublimation printed or pad printed. This keyboard features a PS/2 socket on the right to e.g. connect a mouse. The short coiled PS/2 cable was designed to be used with the Acer 1100LX laptop[1]. It is possible that Acer made an ANSI version of this keyboard named 6082.



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