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Acer 6510 series
Acer 6511-KW front.jpeg
Model no. 6511*, 6512*
JVP6511-A (1995)
JVP6511-H (1995)
JVP6511-M (1997)
JVP6511-P (1998)
JVP6511-PA (1998)
JVPKBS-WIN (104/105-key)
Manufacturer Acer
Features Power control keys
Layouts Asian 101, ISO, ANSI
Keyswitches Acer dome with slider

The Acer 6510 series is a family of rubber dome over membrane keyboards manufactured by Acer. These keyboards can be integrated mount or Alps-mount Acer dome with slider.[1] No actual model 6510 is believed to exist.


  • 6511: Asian 101, ANSI
  • 6512: ISO

Most examples of 6511 and 6512 keyboards feature three power keys above the navigation cluster; consequently, print screen, scroll lock and pause are moved down a row, and delete, end and page down are on the row directly above the up arrow key.

Newer examples have Windows keys.


As with the 6010 series (Alps SKCL/SKCM) and 6310 series (Acer switch) the 6510 series was shipped with various case designs.

Some 6510 series units have ALPS-mount keycaps over a slider, while others use a keycap with an integrated slider. On ALPS-compatible keycap models, it should be noted that the stabilized keys use a wire mounting and layout unlike conventional ALPS or Cherry/Costar stabilizers.


Non-illustrated examples

  • 6511 US ANSI[Citation needed] 102-key with broad angular case[1]
  • 6511-T Chinese Asian 101 layout with curved case, white sliders[2]
  • 6512-TA ISO with power keys and curved case[3]

Acer 6511-M

ANSI 104 layout and integrated mount keycaps. Labeled "Accufeel".

Acer 6511-KW

Asian 101 layout with US legends and integrated mount keycaps.


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