Acer T200

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Acer T200
Model no. T200
Branding Acer
Manufacturer Acer
Layouts Asian 101
Keyswitches Acer switch

T200 is a rare Acer semi-mechanical keyboard that uses the Acer switch.


T200 is very similar to the "T" style of Acer 6310 series keyboard. Compared to 6311/6312, it has a convex bottom row (seemingly even numeric keypad enter to some extent) and only single-level retractable. The case curves down at both the front and back, instead of the upwards curve of "T"-style 6311/6312 models.

The keycaps use laser charred legends, and the mounting stem appears to be Alps SKFL series compatible.


As of May 2017, this appears to be the sole observed example, model T200-P extension code P-A1C, in Chinese Asian 101 layout with Windows keys. This example is dated to August 2005. BenQ 6311-TA 4C/7 has been found with a 2006 manufacturing date, indicating that this is not the direct successor.