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Acorn Atom keyboard
Acorn Atom -- top, with switch parts.jpg
Manufacturer MEI (switch grid only)
Keyswitches MEI Sabrecoil
Futaba MR-6C series
Switch mount PCB mount (Sabrecoil)
Plate mount (Futaba)
Keycaps Double-shot spherical
Interface None (on motherboard)

The Atom was an 8-bit home computer made by Acorn from 1980 to 1982. It is presently the only device known to use MEI Sabrecoil switches, and the only other computer besides the Acorn BBC Microcomputer known to use Futaba MR-6C series switches.


Issues 1–4

Issue 4 keyboards are confirmed to use MEI Sabrecoil switches. Issues 1 through 3 likely also used MEI switches, but no pictures of these issues seem to be readily available.

The keycaps are identical to those used with "WEAB" MEI T-5 series switches.

Issue 5

Issue 5 keyboards used cruciform mount Futaba MR-6C series switches.

The issue 5's Futaba keyboard comprises only a plate and switches; the PCB traces are on the motherboard, just as it was with the Sabrecoil variant(s).

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