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Adomax Flaretech
Family Adomax Flaretech
Sense method Optoelectronic
Keycap mount Cherry MX mount
Switch mount Plate mount

Flaretech is a optoelectronic keyboard switch family from Adomax.

Prototypes of the switch were shown at Computex 2015.[1] The first keyboard using them, the Wooting One, became available for pre-order on Kickstarter in May 2016[2] and shipped in July 2017.


The switch and mounting hole are keyed with a notch.

Switches consist of individual switch modules mounted in a metal plate over a printed circuit board. Switches and mounting holes are keyed to allow insertion in only one orientation.

There are no electronics in the switch modules themselves. Instead, surface-mounted infra-red optoelectronic components on the circuit board provide the sensing in conjunction with a prism in the module's transparent slider.

Because the sensing is optical, sensing is fast with debouncing rated at 0.03 ms. It also allows "analogue" reading of key travel, currently at between 2 and 4 mm of key travel.

Flaretech switches support backlighting through a transparent light-guide from a surface-mounted LED on the circuit board into the keycap. The light-guide is almost in the same position as the LED on a Cherry MX switch, only somewhat to the right. That makes them compatible with most keycaps for backlighting made for Cherry MX switches.


Two variants of switch modules with different key feel have been announced:[2]

Clicky switch with orange inner slider (left) and linear switch (right).
Name Type Actuation force
"Red" Linear 55cN
"Blue" Clicky 55cN

The click-mechanism in the clicky variant is similar to that in Cherry MX Blue, with an inner slider that interacts with a click leaf situated next to the light-guide.

The switches shipped with the Wooting One do not have different colours to designate switch type: both have black housings and transparent sliders. However, the inner slider in the clicky variant is orange and can be seen through the top of the transparent slider.

In promotional materials at Computex 2015, the switch variants were instead indicated by different colours of the top housing. A "black" and a "brown" switch were also shown.


  • The coiled springs can be replaced with springs for Cherry MX.



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