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Alphagrip iGrip
Alphagrip iGrip 5-1.jpg
Branding Alphagrip iGrip
Manufacturer Alphagrip Inc.
Features Built-in trackball, USB expansion port
Layouts Special
Keyswitches Membrane
Interface USB
Rollover 6KRO
Weight 297.7g
Introduced 2006
Price $129

The Alphagrip iGrip is an innovative, experimental hand-held keyboard, shaped like a game controller and designed to be operated with all ten fingers with minimal finger movement. While the manufacturer disclaims adherence to ergonomical design standards, both the official marketing materials, and many users, claim that the iGrip is very comfortable to work on once familiarity has been established.

Version history

The current iGrip model as of early 2015 is version 5.1, which includes an optical trackball.

The first mass market iGrip, released in 2006, was termed version 5, equipped with a mechanical trackball.

According to the manufacturer, the hand-built prototypes used mechanical switches, but the membrane switches used in the mass production version yielded better performance as well as reduced cost.

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