Alphameric Type 140-1595

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Alphameric Type 140-1595
Alphameric Type 140-1595 top view.JPG
Manufacturer Alphameric
Layouts QWERTY Custom
Keyswitches Alphameric foam and foil
Keycaps Double-shot moulding
Weight 2.2 kg
Years of production 1986


This keyboard was used in a commercial financial setting providing financial data to market participants, specialising in commercial paper and bond prices. This keyboard has plate mounted linear Alphameric foam and foil switches. Being metal plate mounted, the switch feels very nice for a foam and foil switch. The switch contact mechanism is capacitive. There is a small separate controller connected to the back of the main PCB.The switches are very easily removed from the plate by pressing two hinges on the switch housing inward. The keyboard is 41 cm wide, 21 cm deep, 7.5 cm tall at the back and 3.5 cm at the front. It is compact, being slightly smaller than a regular full size keyboard. The bottom part of the case is made of thick plastic, the top part is made of metal and sits at a slight angle.


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