Alphameric foam and foil

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Alphameric foam and foil
Alphameric foam and foil -- infobox.jpg
Manufacturer Alphameric, Devlin
Switch type Linear
Sense method Capacitive
Keycap mount Key Tronic?

Alphameric foam and foil is a foam and foil switch manufactured by Alphameric in the UK. The sliders have a mount that is similar to, if not identical to Key Tronic mount, but the slider modules are significantly shallower than typical Key Tronic foam and foil slider modules. The keycap mount appears to be the same as the Alphameric resistive switch.

Having acquired the keyboard division of Alphameric in 2004, Devlin still manufacture replacement switches as replacement parts; no new products are introduced using them.


Alphameric foam and foil -- slider dimensions.svg