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Manufacturer Unknown
Switch type Clicky
Sense method Metal leaf
Keycap mount Alps mount
Switch mount Plate mount Type OA1 is an Alps clone variant designed to resemble a genuine unbranded Alps SKCL/SKCM series switch. The switch is identical to Type OA2 (Simplified Alps Type IV) with the exception of the upper shell bearing a replica of Alps's mould numbering, and the side extensions found on genuine Alps switches. The lower shell has not been documented, but it is presumed to be a four-tab design. Internally, the upper shell bears the appropriate grooves required to support the contact plates.

In the past, the switch was incorrectly listed by as Simplified Alps Type III, but it has subsequently been recognised to be a very similar, but distinct product.

The origin of's OA1 keyboard is not known, and no other keyboards are positively known to use this switch. The mould numbering characteristics are highly unusual though, as it is assumed to have a white or ivory slider, and as such it should bear the Alps logo.


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