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Manufacturer Unknown
Switch type Clicky
Sense method Metal leaf
Keycap mount Alps mount
Switch mount Plate mount Type OA2, formerly Simplified Alps Type IV, is the designation given to a type of four-tab clone switch. Study has indicated that there are in fact at least two subtle varieties of this switch, with one more closely resembling the Tai-Hao APC series switch on which it may have been based.


The OA2's designation may come from an assumption that the switch was a derivative of Type OA1, when it is more likely that OA1 is a rare derivative of OA2 designed to resemble a real Alps switch.

OA2 was previously referred to as Simplified Alps Type IV, but as it is not an Alps switch, nor the fourth type of anything, it makes more sense to use the designation.


Alps clone internals--CP, front, square, reinforced.svg Front contact plate: square, with one finger, and top and bottom reinforcement recesses
Switch recognition--Alps--Four tab clone.svg Shell: Four-tab clone



Lion Tech DS-2006 CHN 101 (1993)

This DS-2006 keyboard appears to use a later version of the switch.


This NTC KB-6153EN keyboard has no visible manufacturing dates; the XT/AT switch suggests an older product, and this switch was removed in later revisions.


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