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Template icon--Illustration.png This article requires additional photographic illustration — infobox plus exterior shots Type T1
Manufacturer Himake/Hua-Jie?
Switch type Clicky
Sense method Metal leaf
Keycap mount Alps mount
Switch mount Plate mount

Description Type T1 is an Alps clone switch design that corresponds to the Hua-Jie AK-CN2 (and DN2, if the specification includes linear switches). This switch was used by Monterey and it was their response that the switch came from Hua-Jie that led to the discovery in the West of Hua-Jie.

The high similarity between Hua-Jie and Xiang Min switches currently prevents identity with certainty, but it is likely that any switch with these internals and mould numbering matching Himake's is AK-CN2. The official depiction of AK-CN2 (below) does not correspond to any known switch; it has the stationary contact of an Type OA4 but the phosphor bronze click leaf of a T1. An example of this configuration is yet to be sighted.'s example (from an Ortek MCK-101FX[1]) shows mould numbering of NW:#,SE:#, while those in Focus FK-2001 used S:1A##, those in the Monterey K108 use S:1A##, and those in the Monterey K110/SIIG MiniTouch used S:1A## and S:## (with a keyboard found that uses both schemes side by side).


These switches are found in a great many keyboards; examples include:



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