Type T5

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Manufacturer Unknown
Switch type Clicky
Sense method Metal leaf
Keycap mount Alps mount
Switch mount Plate mount

Description[edit] Type T5 is an Alps clone switch with appropriate characteristics for the currently unidentified Himake AK-C5 or D5:

  • S:#A## mould numbering
  • Reduced metal design
  • Movable contact of a design similar to AK-CN2/DN2

The colours do not all match the specifications found to date, which states that these should be white and orange. Hua-Jie are not able to confirm whether the depicted switches are in fact AK-C5.

The other candidate is Type T8; both designs have been found in 1993 Ortek keyboards. The long edge of the slider hole in the upper shell on the opposite side from the mould numbering contains a distinctive cut-out that is also present in type T8.

The switch base appears to retain the guides for the full-size movable contact plate, which are not used in the reduced-metal design employed by this variant.


Variant A[edit]

There are at least three variants of type T5. The official depiction shows a stationary contact with an applied strip of non-oxidising plating. This variant has wider side bars than the contact finger. This version is found in an Ortek MCK-101FX variant from 1993, but also in a Strong Man–made keyboard from 1995.[Citation needed]

Variant B[edit]

Variant B has the all-over plated stationary contact, a process used in current-generation switches from Himake and Xiang Min. This variant has a contact finger that is wider than the side bars. This has also been found in a 1995 keyboard.

Variant C[edit]

This is similar to variant B, but with a double fold in the contact finger instead of the dimple found in the other variants. This is known from the Antec KF-91R from 1995 and 1997.



Variant A[edit]

Variant B[edit]