Alps AKB-3420

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Alps AKB-3420
Alps AKB-3420 - complete.jpg
Manufacturer Alps Electric
Layouts ANSI
Keyswitches Alps SKCC Cream
Keycaps Double-shot moulding


Alps AKB-3420 was built for early 80s S-100 computers as these generally had toggle switches for data entry and LED blinking lights for output. If someone wanted a monitor and keyboard, one would generally use a terminal. In the odd cases, S-100 computers had video cards specifically for monitors so keyboards like this would be used along with them. Video cards were not common so keyboards like this would not be either.

Model AKB-3420

AKB-3420 dates back to the 1970s numbering schemes. In the example discovered (ca. 1979), PCB model "SCH5AO31" in the product leaflet has been crossed out, and "KCCAA902" rubber-stamped below it. The PCB label gives KCCAA902 as the assembly number. This is an old-style PCB with a brown solder side, and a 70s PCB code of "CH54141C". The leaflet gives "AKB-3420" as the product model.

The large sheet metal case is unmarked.

Model KFCCAB902A

The leaflet for this version gives "KFCCAB902A" as the product model followed by the PCB model of "KCCAB902" in parentheses, while the smaller sheet metal case still uses the AKB-3420 model number. The PCB model has been changed from "AA" to "AB", and it has an 80s PCB code of "12KC177C".



The example below is from ca. 1988 based on the IC dates.

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