Alps SKCC Side-Angled Cream

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Alps SKCC Side-Angled Cream
Alps SKCC Side-Angled Cream -- variants table.jpg
Manufacturer Alps Electric
Family Alps SKCC series
Switch type Linear
Sense method Metal leaf
Switch mount Plate mount

Alps SKCC Side-Angled Cream is a switch in the Alps SKCC series.


Side-Angled Cream uses an angled, bar mount keystem, where the angle is in-plane with the keystem itself. SKCC angled is not otherwise known, and General Instrument Series S950 keystems are angled in the expected direction. At 6 mm wide, the keystem is too large for normal SKCC keycaps. The slider is tall.

The only known switchplate to date is black; the switch also uses red terminal sealant.


None known to date.


The switch depicted below is from surplus stock held by Swedish supplier Belganet Dataelektronik. No details about the switch are known.