Alps SKCC Tall Cream

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Alps SKCC Tall Cream
Alps SKCCAF -- angled.jpg
Manufacturer Alps Electric
Family Alps SKCC series
Product code SKCCAF
Switch type Linear
Sense method Metal leaf
Switch mount Plate mount

Alps SKCC Tall Cream is a switch in the Alps SKCC series.


The return spring in SKCCAF002A (grey switchplate) is 10.9 mm long, of 0.21 mm gauge wire, and has 9 active turns. This is virtually identical to the spring in black switchplate Alps SKCC Cream, indicating that they do indeed differ solely in keystem height.

Variant SKCCAF002A is notable for having a grey switchplate as well as a ridge within the base to hold the switchplate.

Based on surplus stock held at Standard Supply, production of SKCCAF002A is confirmed to have run to at least June 1987.



Typewriters / Word Processors

  • Hitachi Basic Master MB-6855 T [2]


The switches below are from lot F709A901, dated 1987-06-09, sold both by Quest Components and Standard Supply. At least one box is from lot E712A901, the date of which is not readable.


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