Alps SKCL Double Action

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Alps SKCL Double Action
Manufacturer Alps
Family Alps SKCL/SKCM series
Product code SKCLKB
Switch type Linear double action
Sense method Metal leaf
Actuation force 88 cN/490 cN

Alps SKCLKB is a double action switch in the Alps SKCL/SKCM series. This switch is listed in Sandy's 1994 Alps catalogue with the following specification:

Stage Actuation force Contacts closed
1 88.2 cN (90 gf) 1
2 490 cN (500 gf) 2

The switch contains two switchplates, one at the front, one at the back. One of these actuates normally. The other is actuated using a special piece of metal attached the slider, allowing the actuation force to be increased to 490 cN. The first set of contacts remains actuated after the second set of contacts closes.

The switch can be externally identified by the metal strip on the side of the slider.[1]

So far, the only slider colour found is white.


  • Canon typewriter keyboard (Alps part 12KC528H)[1]

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