Alps SKCL Green

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Alps SKCL Green
Alps SKCL Green -- infobox.jpg
Manufacturer Alps Electric
Family Alps SKCL/SKCM series
Introduced ca. 1983[1]
Discontinued ca. 1989[1]
Precedes Alps SKCL Yellow
Switch type Linear
Sense method Metal leaf
Actuation force 50 cN
Keycap mount Alps mount
Switch mount Plate mount

Alps SKCL Green, or green Alps, is a linear switch in the "complicated" Alps SKCL/SKCM series.


Green Alps switches have an LED recess; the LED occupies the position where the tactile or click leaf should go; typically this recess is left empty. The slider is a different design, and reversible. By Alps SKCM Brown, the shell and slider were both redesigned, but linear switches kept the 1983-style shell for several years, and it appears that green Alps also retained the original slider design.

The exact relationship between green and yellow Alps remains a mystery. While it's undisputed that green is older and that yellow became its replacement, the two overlapped, and the reason for this is unknown. Zenith keyboards have been found with green/yellow and yellow/green pairings, with one type used for normal keys and the other type used for LED keys. Curiously, this even went as far as top-branded green Alps in a Zenith ZKB-2R.

As with yellow Alps, it appears that the holes for the LED legs were not provided unless the switch was ordered with an LED fitted in the factory.

Green Alps are highly regarded for being an exceptionally smooth linear switch.



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