Alps SKCL Lock

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Alps SKCL Lock
Alps lock infobox.jpg
Manufacturer Alps Electric
Family Alps SKCL series
Product code SKCLJC (grey)
Switch type Alternate action
Sense method Metal leaf
Switch mount Plate mount
Patents US4514608 (1983)

Alps SKCL Lock is an alternate action switch in the Alps SKCL series. When the key is depressed, it locks into place and remains down there until pressed a second time. The switch has a normal switchplate, but the shell and slider are modified to accommodate the latching mechanism.

The front of the slider contains a recessed track, and the shell supports a follower arm that moves within this track. A loop within the track holds the slider down until the key is depressed a second time. The follower arm rotates about its lower end, which pivots within recessed area of the open-fronted upper shell; a bar runs across to keep the arm in place. The latching mechanism is partially visible when the keycap is removed, and the slider shape is a giveaway in itself.


All three variants of the switch are assumed to be the same specification. They nonetheless likely differ in model number.

Colour Model Notes
Skcllockbrown.jpg Brown First generation; this appears to be the Gold Star Alps version made in Korea
Alps SKCM orange and SKCL cream no logo - AEK detail.jpg Cream First generation
Alps lock infobox.jpg Dark grey SKCLJC Second generation, with Alps logo and short white switchplate; listed as model SKCLJC in the Alps 1994 catalogue





Switch from a ca. 1987 Apple M0116 keyboard with orange Alps momentary switches.


Switch from an Apple M0116 keyboard of unknown date, with salmon Alps momentary switches