Alps SKCM Amber

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Alps SKCM Amber
Alps SKCM Amber -- infobox.jpg
Manufacturer Alps Electric
Family Alps SKCL/SKCM series
Switch type Clicky
Sense method Metal leaf
Keycap mount Alps mount
Switch mount Plate mount

Alps SKCM Amber, or Amber Alps / Taxi Yellow Alps, is a clicky switch in the complicated Alps SKCL/SKCM series.


Amber Alps switches appear to have only been used in a single keyboard, that of the memory expansion Apple IIc. Based on this, the switch appears to have been produced from 1986 to 1988.[1] The amber color earned them the moniker of "NYC Taxi Yellow" or simply "Taxi Yellow", though this same color has also been used for linear switches.[2] The slider color is very similar to that of Amber Omron B3G-S series switches, but not quite as saturated.

The switches are considerably higher weighted, coming in at somewhere between 80 and 100 gf.[3] Variation in characteristics due to age must be considered however, before this is taken as fact.

The bottom of the click leaf is not folded inwards as with other Alps switches. The slits are the shorter revised design. There is no logo on the upper shell.


Known variants include:

Switchplate Color Switchplate Length Alps Logo Generation
Black Long No Logo Pine (with slits)
Grey Long No Logo Pine (with slits)
White Long No Logo Pine (with slits)



The following switches were sourced from eBlueJay seller Apple2OnlineStore and are believed to have been taken from an Apple IIc keyboard.


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