Alps SKCM Blue

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Alps SKCM Blue
Alps SKCM Blue -- infobox.jpg
Manufacturer Alps Electric
Family Alps SKCL/SKCM series
Product code SKCMAG
Precedes Alps SKCM White
Switch type Clicky
Sense method Metal leaf
Rated lifetime 20 M
Actuation force 70 gf
Total travel 3.5 mm
Keycap mount Alps mount
Switch mount Plate mount
Patents US4642433 (1985)

Alps SKCM Blue, complicated blue Alps, or simply blue Alps, is a clicky switch in the Alps SKCL/SKCM series.


Complicated blue Alps are highly regarded for their smooth feel. The reason for this is not known, though Sandy reports finding dry lubricant applied to the sliders of an Acer KB-101A.[1]

Blue Alps switches are normally branded only on the bottom. Identification is assisted by the unusual greyish-blue colour of the slider; while there are Alps clone switches with blue sliders, none of them have the same shade of blue slider, preferring teal and vivid blue.

The switchplate is typically grey full-height, Rarely black full-height, also white (Short and full-height) switchplates have been found in blue Alps switches.


The following image, taken by,[2] contains the only known official documentation on the blue Alps switch:

Alps SKCMAF and SKCMAG specifications.jpg

The image shows a heading of "Mechanical Contact with Tactile CM(KCM) Series"; it is likely that Alps meant to write "Mechanical Contact with Tactile Feedback: CM(KCM) Series" or "Mechanical Contact with Tactility: CM(KCM) Series". "CM Series" here refers to the switches. KCM Series may be a general term for all Alps-made keyboards with these switches.


Known variants include:

Switchplate Alps logo Slits
Black, long No logo With slits
Grey, long No logo With slits
White, long No logo With slits
White, long With logo With slits
White, short With logo With slits



Simplified Alps Type III is a clone of the Alps SKCMAG. The switch appears to be an earlier Hua-Jie AK-CN2 adapted to use a shell derived from an Alps SKCMAG; unlike most clones, Type III is clearly intended to fool people into mistaking it for a real Alps product, aided by Alps having neglected to visibly brand their switches.

The most obvious difference between the clone and genuine article is that the clone switch has a vivid blue slider, instead of the blue-grey of the Alps product. The clone switch replicates the telltale slits in the slider hole as well as the long side tabs that normally indicate a genuine Alps switch. The upper shell may be derived directly from an Alps moulding, as a plastic support plate was required to support the contact plates where normally the shell has dedicated recesses. A similar switch has been found with a custom shell with the proper recesses.



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