Alps SKCM Green

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Alps SKCM Green
Alps SKCM Green -- top.jpg
Force graph--Alps tactile 1994.svg
Manufacturer Alps Electric
Family Alps SKCL/SKCM series
Product code SKCMAT
Supersedes Alps SKCM Brown
Switch type Tactile
Sense method Metal leaf
Actuation force 70 gf
Keycap mount Alps mount
Switch mount Plate mount

Alps SKCM Green (also Neon Green and Lime Green) is a rare tactile switch in the complicated Alps SKCL/SKCM series.


The slider colour is a vivid shade of spring green; it is a blue-green shade, instead of a yellow-green shade as found in SKCL Green. The colour is similar to that found in Xiang Min KSB series, but it is deeper and more vivid.

The force curve of Alps SKCM Green is different to most other Alps tactile switches. The step in the tactile leaf that catches the slider starts higher up and is longer. This change leads to a tactile peak that is longer and more rounded. Although the peak force of SKCM Green is lower than that of other tactile switches, a high level of force is held for longer, which may account for its stiffer feel. Based on the similarity of the tactile leaf and feel, and on the possible change from SKCM Brown to SKCM Green in Xerox keyboards, it has been postulated that SKCM Green is the successor to SKCM Brown, in the same manner that white replaced blue and so forth.


Both pine and bamboo variants exist. It appears that both the bamboo and pine variants have model number SKCMAT: this model number was used for the pine version in the 1994 Alps catalogue, but is also the model number used for surplus bamboo switches. The pine version seems to be more tactile than the bamboo variant, and louder.[1]

Switchplate Alps logo Slits
Short, white top and bottom No slits ("bamboo")
Short, white top and bottom With slits ("pine")


  • Xerox JD-2 Docutech 135 keyboard (bamboo)[2]
  • Xerox 6085 Keyboard (post 1990 models)



The SKCMAT switches below are surplus parts from Component Electronics in Canada. Variations in the parts raise the possibility of the parts being sourced from multiple batches.


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