Alps SKFL series

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Alps SKFL series
Alps SKFL.jpg
Manufacturer Alps Electric
Product code SKFL or SKFLxx
Switch type Linear
Sense method Metal leaf
Total travel ca. 3.7 mm
Keycap mount Alps mount (variation)
Switch mount PCB mount

Alps SKFL[1] (formerly Alps low-profile oval slider) is a fairly low-profile Alps switch. The switch uses a variation of Alps mount in that it features a peg that fits inside the larger peg in the keycap (which will limit the available keycaps that will fit on this switch).


Alps SKFL switches are around 25% shorter than SKCL/SKCM switches, at circa 8.6–8.8 mm tall, instead of 11.6 mm tall. Depth is approximately 13 mm, and width is approximately 15 mm (approximately 14 mm excluding the legs, which protrude from the sides). The slider has around 3.7 mm of travel.

The switch is PCB mount only. The base of the switch is grey moulded plastic (which is sometimes mistaken for metal), above which is a sheet steel lid with folded-down sides. The Alps logo is stamped into the lid. The sides of the lid lock into place into the plastic base with small lugs stamped into the metal. The ends of the sides then protrude through the PCB and are soldered alongside the legs from the electrical contacts. It is likely that the switch can only be opened when de-soldered, and even then opening the switch without causing damage is extremely difficult. The electrical contact legs protrude sideways from holes in the side of the switch, instead of from the bottom of the switch.

The switch contains an internal recess for an LED, which is covered by the lid. The LED version of the switch has a different lid with a hole for the LED. The base of the switch contains a slot for the LED, with a retention clip to hold the LED in place. There are also two further holes present, possibly intended for a jumper or diode; there is also a bay under the rear of the switch to allow for a diode or jumper to be placed beneath the switch instead of outside. There is no difference between the normal and LED versions of the switch apart from the cutout in the lid to accommodate the LED.

The switch has a compact-sized companion, Alps SKFL Compact, which is not keycap-compatible.

Contact mechanism

The switch contacts are held by a plastic frame that appears to be moulded around them. A flat sheet is mounted onto the front of the contact frame, into which a leaf spring is cut, with a curled portion at the top. A ramp on the slider presses against this curled portion of the spring, which in turn pushes the movable contact away from the stationary contact. When the slider is depressed, the leaf spring returns to its rest position and the movable contact connects with the stationary contact.


Switch Model Notes
Alps SKFL -- angled.jpg Standard weight; slider is pale grey, not white; the LED hole may be present but left empty
Alps SKFL LED -- angled view.jpg Alps SKFL LED Slider is pale grey
No photograph.svg Alps SKFL Cyan Pale cyan slider;[2] heavier weight[Citation needed]
Alps SKFL Lock -- infobox.jpg Alps SKFL Lock
No photograph.svg Alps SKFL dummy Apparent stabiliser dummy switch; dark green slider[3]


  • Canon AS KEY JIS A-1110[4]
  • Some Atari 600XL and 800XL computers
  • Kyocera Kyotronic 85, and similar computers built for other brands:[5]
  • Mitsubishi MP286L portable computer
  • Toshiba Home Computer HX-10D keyboard[7] (the HX-10 used Alps integrated dome switches)
  • Toshiba T3100 portable[8]
  • Toshiba T3200 portable[9]
  • Zenith Data Systems ZFL-181-93

Other equipment


The loose switches below were part of a Technology Transplant Roland TR-909 Red Switch Set purchased from Musikhaus Korn in Germany.

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