Alps SM-101

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Alps SM-101
Model no. KFNLEA901
Branding Various
Manufacturer Alps Electric
Layouts ISO, ANSI, JIS
Keyswitches Alps buckling spring

SM-101 refers to a keyboard from Alps using Alps buckling spring switches. It is unclear if there is a consistent model number between versions; the US ANSI version is branded as the Alps SM-101 but also bears model KFNLEA901 on the rear label.[1]


  • US ANSI (SM-101), with an example appearing to be marked April 1991[1]
  • UK ISO, with examples dating from ca. 1989 (RM-branded)[2] and ca. 1992 (C-Itoh branded)[3]
  • JIS in the form of the Sega HTR-2106