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Alps common mount low profile
Alps common mount low profile -- infobox.jpg
Manufacturer Alps Electric
Switch type Linear, tactile
Sense method Metal leaf
Keycap mount Alps mount
Switch mount PCB mount
Patents US 4760225 (1987)
US 5004880 (1990)

Alps common mount low profile (or Alps octagonal for short) is a provisional name for a low-profile PCB mount switch from Alps. SKFM/SKFN series is likely to be the official designation.


Keyboard assembly KFFMBB0034 has white switches.[1] Assuming these are linear, this would give SKFM series for linear switches. Since the preceding series name (SKFL) is already taken, then the second series within the pair (for tactile switches) would be SKFN. SKFNAA is a known Alps model number, of which no details are known.[2] Tentatively, it appears that these switches should be classified as Alps SKFM/SKFN series.


This switch uses the common Alps mount, unlike Alps SKFR/SKFS series which has a unique mount.[3] The slider design is similar to that of Alps SKCL/SKCM series, but reduced in front-to-back depth to fit inside the switch's small shell. The contact mechanism is very similar to that of Alps SKFL; the latter is cited as prior art in the patent.

Where SKFR/SKFS series has a black slider for linear and a colourless slider for tactile, the colours are reversed with common mount low profile: black for tactile as with SKCM series, and colourless for linear.

The only branding is a minute Alps logo in the centre of the base, visible only by desoldering the switch.[3]

The switch features an integrated jumper. The tactile version has a click leaf and likely arranges this in the same way as SKFR/SKFS.[4] The patent for the leaf (which curiously shows the base as rectangular instead of octagonal) describes the switch as "click-type", but a clicky version has yet to be encountered.


Slider Type
Alps common mount low profile -- top.jpg Colourless Linear
Alps common mount low profile -- LED -- top.jpg Colourless Linear, with LED support
Acer 6083 Switches 1.JPG Black Tactile





LED variant


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