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LED lamp.svg These aren't the switches you're looking for? Got a different keycap mount? See switch recognition for other mounts. Many known switches will be missing; if in doubt, ask the forum.

Alps mount keycap and Alps switch

The following page lists switches with "Alps mount" sliders. The slider has a slot that is around 4.6 mm × 2.3 mm at the top; the keycap has rectangular peg around 4.5 × 2.2 mm. The peg inside the keycap contains its own hole (around 2.7 mm wide), but by and large, this is not used for anything — it may just be a legacy of vintage Alps switches with an extra peg inside the slider.

Alps mechanical

Alps SKCL/SKCM series

Alps SKBL/SKBM series

Alps clones

Please note that the shells of most Alps clone switches are too similar to distinguish without very careful inspection, with the biggest differences being the underside of the base that cannot be seen in full without de-soldering a switch. The numbering is important, but the same numbering can be found on multiple switch types, and the same switch type can have multiple numbering styles. The only way to identify most Alps clones switches is to open the switch and examine the internals; see under four-tab clone for a guide to identifying typical Alps clone switches by internal parts.

Other mechanical

The following switches are incompatible with Alps switches in terms of PCB and plate mounting.


Rubber dome